Judi Rivkin
English Country Dance Leader
photo of English Country Dance leader Judi Rivkin by Jim Dugas
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Judi Rivkin has been dancing all her life, and started on her path as a dance leader when she moved to Seattle from New York in 1991. Her weekly English country dance workshops have been the source not only for dancers of all experience levels to grow and expand their knowledge and repertoire, but also for several Seattle bands to develop. She is very proud to be a regular member of the teaching staff for Country Dancers of Westchester.

Judi's goals as a dance leader are to maximize dancing time through initial clear and concise teaching; offer "style points" to raise the level of dance; to prompt in such a way that dancers feel she is their “personal prompter” – you can hear the calls if you need to, without intruding on the music; and to create an atmosphere that is comfortable for all, and conducive to goodwill and learning. She never forgets that dancing and socializing in the community is meant to be fun, that discretionary time (and funds) are at a premium, and that there's more than one way to learn a dance.

Judi's main influences in dance leadership have been Genny Shimer, Sue Salmons, Brad Foster, Fried de Metz Herman, Bruce Hamilton, Helene Cornelius, Christine Helwig, and her parents, who met while folkdancing in New York City. Her dad was at one time a ballroom dance teacher at Arthur Murray's own Fifth Avenue studio; later on, for many years, he led square and round dancing.

In November 2001, Judi left Seattle to return to the East Coast. She currently resides in Ewing, NJ (between Princeton and Trenton), and is an active participant in dance communities up and down the coast.

Her latest endeavor has been a series of English Country Dance classes taught through the Princeton Adult School. She and Sue Dupré began the "English Country Dance: Jane Austen and Beyond" class in Fall of 2005; Judi continued in the spring term, and the Fall 2008 class is scheduled to run once a week, on eight Tuesday evenings from October-December (but not on Election Day). The class grew out of a series of workshops for newcomers to English Country Dancing, entitled "Jane Austen on the Dance Floor," co-led by Sue Dupré, which ran weekly in Princeton in the Autumn of 2004. That series ended with a gala evening, "The Austen-Tatious Assembly."

When not dancing, Judi enjoys spending time with her nieces and nephews, sings, and is the events manager for a program at Princeton University.

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