The first CD by Seattle band(s) Bag o'Tricks/Tricky Brits
featuring Anita Anderson, Dave Bartley, Betsy Cooper & Sande Gillette

Tricky Brits/Bag o'Tricks CD

The Tunes:
  1. Devil's Churn/Vladi on the Trans-Siberian/It's Too Hot
  2. Bob's Boomerang/Fairweather
  3. MacPherson strut/High coolness factor
  4. Mount Hills/Ashworth
  5. April storm/Kate and roses
  6. Flitter waltz/Cascade skyline
  7. Coriolis/Midnight couchette/Brushfire/Myra's jig
  8. The beau's retreat
  9. Newcastle/Le debauche
  10. News from Tripoli
  11. Tom Reilly's/Jean's reel/Outback
  12. Kiowa Special/Dave's dream
  13. For John Denyes
May 15, 2001: CD Release Party. 7:30-10 pm at the Friends Center, 4001 9th Ave NE, Seattle. Admission $5. Includes English and contra dancing called by Russell Owen, Laura Mé Smith and Judi Rivkin; door prizes, refreshments, and a short concert set.