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Caring for Your Voice

Essay: The Tao of Singing

Why Warm Up?

Choral Survival Tips

Maintaining Your Voice


Event & Audition Calendar


Welcome to the Spring issue of Sing Out Seattle. Whether you are new to the area or have been here for a while, we hope you will find the information presented both interesting and useful. Seattle offers many opportunities for choral singing - in groups of all ages, repertoires, sizes and more. We have included listings for many churches, temples, schools and other groups who are either looking for members or for audiences. Look around, check out the links, let us know if you want to list your group or your concert.

This issue focuses on caring for your voice so you may sing comfortably and with ease, both physically and mentally. Bruce Schoonmaker's essay, "The Tao of Singing" is a lovely commentary on some spiritual aspects you may not have previously considered.

Top 10 Common Problems Of Singers

The ten problems listed below are prevalent in different types of singers, regardless of training and experience.

  1. Poor posture
  2. Poor breathing and inappropriate breath support
  3. Hard glottal or "aspirate" attack
  4. Poor tone quality
  5. Limited pitch range, difficulty in register transition
  6. Lack of flexibility, agility, ease of production, endurance
  7. Poor articulation
  8. Lack of discipline, commitment, compliance
  9. Poor health, hygiene, vocal abuse
  10. Poor self-image, lack of confidence

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