Created by Judi Rivkin
South Seattle Community College Virtual Tour
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SSCC Virtual Tour
This site was built for the SSCC Public Information Office in Winter 2000. Their goals were to attract new students and present the school in an upbeat manner to attract a diverse student body. The clients gave me some images and some text. In addition to that, I:
  • researched comparable college virtual tour sites and recommended a concept
  • created comps
  • optimized the existing photos, plus taking additional digital images
  • created photo montages in PhotoShop for each page on the site
  • used javascript and image-mapping on each page to customize pop-up building locator maps
  • designed the frames and navigation
  • created a background image based on the school's logo
  • colorized, optimized and resized the logo
  • redesigned the campus map for the web, including labels
  • coded in HTML
  • designed a logo and animated GIF for use on the intro page
  • created a form and response to comment or request further information
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