Musicians and Leaders
in the West Coast English Country Dance Community

Seattle-based Dance Leaders:

Laurie Andres
Vicky Bestock
Charlene Kern
Russell Owen
Judi Rivkin
Meg Rheingold
LauraMé Smith
Mike Richardson

Seattle-based Musicians:

Julian Adamaitis, piano
Anita Anderson, piano
Laurie Andres, piano and accordion
Bob Archer, accordion
Dave Bartley, mandolin, cittern, guitar, etc.
Joe Bowbeer, fiddle
Betsy Cooper, flute
Liz Dreisbach, clarinet
Sande Gillette, fiddle
Claude Ginsburg, fiddle and concertina
Karen Iglitzen, fiddle
Julie King, piano
Deb Kirkland, fiddle
John Lawson, guitar
Kimberly McKittrick, fiddle
Jean Schweitzer, fiddle
Lynn Warschauer, recorders, bodhran, etc.
Terry Wergeland, piano
Cathie Whitesides, fiddle
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Portland-based Dance Leaders:

Nan Evans
Mary Devlin
David Macemon
Cynthia Stenger

Portland-based Musicians:

Betsy Branch, fiddle
Mark Douglass, piano
Dave Goldman, piano
Paula Hamlin, flute/oboe
Ellen Hansen, fiddle
Fred Nussbaum, cello
George Penk, fiddle
Heather Pinney, piano
Sue Songer, fiddle
Kathleen Towers, fiddle
Denis Wilkinson
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Ashland-based Dance Leaders:

Brooke Friendly
Chris Sackett

Ashland-based Musicians:

Amalie Hilsee, fiddle
Bo Leyden, mandolin, hammered dulcimer
Alan Sorin, keyboards
Nancy Spencer, recorders, flute, whistle

Bay Area-based Dance Leaders:

Lise Dyckman
Bob Fraley
Bruce Hamilton
Theresa Krull
Jody McGeen
David Newitt
Lydee Scudder
Joyce Uggla
Alan Winston

Bay Area-based Musicians:

William Allen, piano
Jon Berger, fiddle
Danny Carnahan, cello/fiddle/guitar
Mark Carroll, accordion
Mark Daly, fiddle
Janette Duncan
Laurie Edelman, fiddle
Anise Feldman, flute/accordion
Ruth Anne Fraley, piano/accordion
Kathrine Gardner, fiddle/accordion/guitar
Debbie Grosjean, fiddle
Charlie Hancock, piano/accordion
Robert Hill
Bill Jensen, piano
Craig Johnson, piano/accordion
Shira Kammen, fiddle/vielle
Rebecca King
Paul Kostka, recorder/whistle
Stan Kramer, fiddle/recorder
Susan Kramer, flute/recorder
Judy Linsenberg, recorder
Duncan Mackintosh, fiddle
Jody McGeen, cello
Avis Minger, fiddle
David Mostardi, accordion
David Newitt, fiddle
Jim Oakden, recorder/clarinet/hurdy-gurdy, etc.
Dan Reynolds, bass
Pete Spicer, piano
David Strong, fiddle
Kay Thorne, piano
Chuck Ward, piano
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Santa Barbara-based Dance Leaders:

Kathy Lear
Richard Payatt
Gary Shapiro

Santa Barbara-based Musicians:

Linelle Glass, fiddle
John Sonquist, piano
Robert Winokur, recorder/penny whistle
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Torrance/Los Angeles-based Dance Leaders:

Giovanni De Amici
James Hutson

Torrance/Los Angeles-based Musicians:

Noble Ford, piano
Frank Hoppe
Marcia Harris, accordion
Aubyn Miller
Emil Olguin, guitar/mandolin
Nan Pelmulder, violin
Ken Shaw
Judy Walker, recorder/hammer dulcimer
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Vancouver and Victoria, BC-based Dance Leaders:

Michael Dyck
June Harmon
Brenda Webster
Rosemary Lach

Vancouver and Victoria, BC-based Musicians:

Andrea Cooper
Dianne Heal
Rod Heal
Susan Larkin
Brenda Callan, fiddle
Brian Titus, woodwinds
David Gartrell, keyboards
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